Mon - November 12, 2007

What is Christianity? 

One of the more striking things I heard at the National Conference on Christian Apologetics last weekend came from Chuck Colson. It was his question, "What is Christianity?" and the answer he gave. 

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Tue - October 16, 2007

Thinking Christianity, For the Rest of Us: Worldview Sources 

Last time in this series for Christians who want to develop their Christian thinking--their discipleship of mind--I recommended getting a general overview of thought, from an historical and from a topical perspective. Ideally, I suppose, one would take this in a very linear fashion. That's how you would do it in an apologetics, theology, or philosophy degree program. But this series is for those of us who aren't taking that kind of program. The main thing is for you to stay involved and interested (and of course not to forget this other main thing). Some variety along the way can't hurt. One great way to get that is to look at some of the good books on worldview. 

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Mon - October 8, 2007

Thinking Christianity, For the Rest of Us: Overviews and Helps 

About 18 years ago, at a course of communications I was taking, J. P. Moreland gave a talk in which he encouraged us all to be more serious and intentional about developing in our thinking. I asked him a question then that I'm trying now to answer myself, with the benefit of some years of experience in between: other than going back to grad school, how can we do this? His answer was both sensible and surprising: Cliff's Notes.

Well, that was only part of his answer. The main thing he had to say was this: you can learn, if you're motivated. The resources are there. But where should one begin? Moreland emphasized the importance of philosophy. Again--where to begin? 

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Thu - October 4, 2007

Thinking Christianity, For the Rest Of Us: Purpose 

"Knowledge puffs up, but love edifies."

Why try to develop a thinking Christianity? Aren't there higher priorities for Christians? What are we seeking in it? Before proceeding in how "the rest of us" can grow in thinking Christianly, we had better be sure we know why we would want to do that. 

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Wed - October 3, 2007

Thinking Christianity, For the Rest Of Us: Foundation 

Books about thinking Christianly are easy to find--J.P. Moreland, Dallas Willard, Os Guinness, Mark Noll, and others have all written on it. One about all these authors--they're all pros. That's the great thing about them--they know what they're talking about, and they are excellent models of what they're encouraging us to be. But their credentials can also be intimidating. Who can match up to them? It could almost seem that what it takes to qualify as a genuine thinking Christian is beyond most people's reach.

Still, I've found these books very helpful, and if it's your goal to "love your God with all your mind," I highly recommend them. I would also include James Emery White on the same list, and though I haven't read his book on this specific topic, James Sire is always excellent.

None of these authors would want their readers to put them on a pedestal. Still the question remains, do we have to try to become theologians or philosophers to grow as thinking Christians? Obviously not. Then how should the rest of us proceed?

I was a music major as an undergrad, and in graduate school I took up industrial and organizational psychology. I'm an amateur in Christian thinking. I have a long way to go; but I think I've made some progress, and maybe there will be something in the path I followed that will help someone else make some progress too. 

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Thu - September 20, 2007

Global Suffering and Thinking Christians 

I've just been listening to two Veritas Forum talks on global suffering: Structuring Relief for Global Suffering and The Role of the Arts in Healing Individuals and Communities.

There's a danger in representing this blog as "Thinking Christian." There is far more to be aware of and to reflect on than I could ever keep up with. I've focused on a few topics over time, but there's a whole world out there. 

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Sun - September 16, 2007

What Has God Done For You? 

John Piper, one of our top Chri