On "Thinking Christianly" (Part II) 

It starts in Scripture... 

If God has called us to love him with our minds, and if the church has not been strong in this (see Part I), what then?

I wrote previously that a thinking Christian is a worshiping Christian. Here it must begin. Loving God with our minds means seeking out all we can learn of his goodness, his love, his justice, his holiness, his power, his plans for us, his working in the world, and on and on--and knowing these things, we can but fall on our knees before him in gratefulness and awe.

I'm writing this on our back porch this morning, a sunny day but cool and windy. I see tree leaves just beginning to bud; I see the blue sky with small, swift-moving clouds, and I hear the wind gusting by. God's greatness and beauty are tangible. I can think all day long about ethics and origins and conflicts and proofs, but if I don't bring back a connection to this--to God himself--I am just spinning in midair. Any true Christian intellectual development must be grounded in a relationship with God and a tight connection with the reality of his character and his work.

Therefore it begins in his Word. Our church's Worship Pastor is famous for his love of books. Last Tuesday morning in men's Bible study, though, he said, "You know I love books, but I spend way more time in God's word than in these other books." There is, of course, more than enough in Scripture to challenge the most questioning reader's mind.

Paul said, "we have the mind of Christ." This can only be realized and developed through the words of Christ. He also says, "be diligent" in study of the Word. Jesus says, "Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will by no means pass away."

There is more to thinking Christianly than study of Scripture, for we must study ways to engage with the world in what they are thinking about. But this is the cornerstone, the essential foundation.

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