Thu - November 29, 2007

The Christian Carnival Is Up 

It's at the nice round number of 200, at Nick Queen's blog.  

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Fri - November 2, 2007

Writing Well, Writing Poorly 

Good writing is rewriting, the teachers and editors say. They're right.

That implies a corollary: First-draft writing is poor writing. And for someone whose desire is to write well, there's a further implication: First-draft writing is painful. (In fact sometimes it's just awful!) 

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Thu - November 1, 2007

Christian Carnival CXCVI 

This new carnival (collection of posts from Christian bloggers) is up at Deep Bible Study. 

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Fri - October 26, 2007

Christian Carnival CXCV 

Posted at Everyday Liturgy  

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Wed - October 3, 2007

Slow Blogging 

Travel, deadlines at work, writing for print publications, family opportunities and issues--all these are slowing my blogging time. I'm going to be working on getting it started going again soon, starting with some work on how we can work toward being thinking Christians. 

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Fri - September 21, 2007

Christian Carnival 189 

I fell behind and forgot to post this last week: Christian Carnival 189, the Dietrich Bonhoeffer edition, at Diary of 1. Among others, I recommend: 

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The Top Ten... 

The Carnival of the Top Ten has just updated. It's been a while in coming. In addition to my "Top Ten Misconceptions About Christianity," it includes: 

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Tue - September 11, 2007

Saying Thanks 

Today is September 11. Last Sunday our church honored "first responders"--fire, police and emergency medical personnel. I went up to a firefighter friend after church and said, "A week ago today an ambulance crew saved my sister's life. That was 800 miles away from here, and I can't thank them in person. I'm thanking you on their behalf."

Kathy, whom I wrote about on the day of her injury, is recovering slowly. She's been through two neurosurgeries and a couple of minor procedures. She's still in coma, but they're saying that if nothing unforeseen happens, the crisis is over. She may be coming out of the coma any time in the next few weeks. We're incredibly grateful for the ambulance crew, the airlift crew, and all the hospital personnel who have helped her (and the rest of our family) so much. 

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Wed - August 29, 2007

Christian Carnival 187 

Mandi Kaye does the favor of hosting it this week. 

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Sat - August 25, 2007

Christian Carnival CLXXXVI 

In addition to providing a great service by hosting the current Christian Carnival, Chasing the Wind has one of the more attractive blog page designs I've seen in a long time... 

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Thu - August 16, 2007

Christian Carnival CLXXXV 

Hosted by Parableman once again. 

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Fri - August 10, 2007

Blog Interview 

Thinking Christian is among the featured blogs now at Stop by, and if you don't mind, give me a (good, preferably!) vote. Thanks. 

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Mon - August 6, 2007

Irony Day 

These two links just showed up, both of them at the same time in my RSS reader. Apparently it's irony day. 

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Sun - August 5, 2007

Carnival of Heartaches 

(Update 8/6: Story Link Repaired.)

I wrote it a while ago, but the Carnival of Short Stories graciously linked to my "Only Natural" anyway. Of the other stories there--which are almost unremittingly of a depressed mood--the one that most caught my attention was by "John F Kennedy" at a blog called My Heart Aches and My Pen Bleeds. The story is "An Ode to Death." The author's self-description goes,

"Am just a spot of darkness in nothingness. You can not erase me, you can not make me darker. I will be in front of you and yet you shall not be able to spot me. Do you want to ? Do you? Then close your eyes and feel..Ssshh!! dnt speak just feel - I am the one that still breathes."

In the voice of one of his characters, he writes, 

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Thu - August 2, 2007

Christian Carnival CLXXXIII 

It may just be me, but I thought there were more even good posts than usual on this Carnival. 

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