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What if we take the story of Jesus seriously — as a story?

Skeptics urge us to do that. It’s “only a story,” they say, a legend just like many other God-stories from ancient days. So why should we treat it as anything more than that?

Too Good to be False takes up that question using an approach no author has taken in close to a century, and shows that although the skeptics’ question may be a fine one, their answer is as far from truth as it could be. Jesus’ character is unlike any other. No other hero — whether of history, myth, imagination, or legend — has loved as he loved, led as he led, cared as he cared, or understood himself as Jesus understood himself.

Christians reading this book will encounter Jesus in fresh, worshipful new ways, and skeptics may discover his character is too unique, too consistent, and entirely too good to be false.

Early Praise for Too Good to be False

“Tom Gilson makes a compelling case that Jesus couldn’t possibly be the product of near legends because he is quite literally too good not to be true. This might be the most surprising and refreshing book you’ll read this year!” — Lee Strobelendorsements

“This book takes a fresh look at the uniquely great character of Jesus, and finds in his greatness a new and compelling case for the truth of his story as presented in the Gospels.” — Josh McDowell

“Are you skeptical that anyone could present fresh insights about Jesus after two thousand years? Tom Gilson has done just that.”

“I may never before have made this comment in a recommendation, but this volume was a ‘fun read.’ I enjoyed it! Don’t get me wrong — Gilson’s responses hit the skeptical objections at which he aimed time-and-again, including many of the major complaints lodged against Jesus’ story.” — Gary Habermas

“I have never approached the gospels in this way and with Gilson’s guidance, I have come to love, respect, and worship Jesus with renewed vigor and insight. Honestly this book must be in your library.” — JP Moreland

Too Good to be False takes a fascinating look at the human character of Jesus, uncovering fresh insights for believers and skeptics to see the Jesus’ story is not simply a story — it’s truly, truly too good to be false. — Eric Metaxas

Are you skeptical that anyone could present fresh insights about Jesus after two thousand years? Tom Gilson has done just that. … Too Good to be False not only gets you to say “wow!” about the most influential life in human history, but also helps you realize how feeble the arguments against the biblical Jesus are. I think you’ll thoroughly enjoy this easy-to-read and hard-to-refute case. — Frank Turek

Too Good to be False meaningfully contributes to the world’s apologetics library by affirming in a creative new way that Jesus was the most brilliant, loving, world-changing leader in history. — Jeff Myers

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