Getting the Moral Argument Wrong — Again

Atheists are forever getting the moral argument wrong. A.C. Grayling, in The God Argument, says, The argument that there can be no morality unless policed by a deity is refuted by the existence of good atheists. Arguably, non-theists count themselves among the most careful moral thinkers, because in the absence of an externally imposed morality […]

There’s No Balancing This Moral Equation: Human Well-Being Doesn’t Explain Human Morality

BillB left some thoughtful comments about morality and well-being on my recent post, “Naturalistic Atheism Is An Extraordinarily Strange and Unlikely Worldview.” I started to answer him there, but it turned into a long blog post’s worth of material. Since I started out addressing it in the second person to BillB, I’m posting it here in that form, […]

Booking: Seminars, Retreats, Training Sessions on Apologetics, Morality, and Christian Living

For churches, retreats, leadership training sessions, youth groups… Topics Christianity in Today’s Culture: Training and teaching for youth on contemporary challenges relating to morality, science, relativism, pluralism — and how the Christian faith is still the most reasonable, satisfying answer, the true answer. Critical Conversations: Your Guide to Discussing Homosexuality With Your Children, based on my Kregel […]

Michael Shermer’s Inadvertent Argument for Christianity

A reader wrote and asked me if I had seen Michael Shermer’s Salon article, “Bill Maher is right about religion.” I hadn’t. The article is subtitled, “The Orwellian ridiculousness of Jesus, and the truth about moral progress.” I found it, well, ridiculous. Misguided Criticism of Normal Human Groups There’s too much wrong there to respond […]

“Gay Christianity:” Matthew Vines’s Empty Argument From Silence

Is there such a thing as gay Christianity? Just over a week ago, Michael Brown and Matthew Vines met on Moody Radio’s “Up for Debate With Julie Roys” for an online/radio conversation on that question. The two have taken opposite positions in books they’ve each released this year. Last week in their debate (starting at 30:40), […]

Some Serious Thinking On Evolved Morality

We’ve been discussing the moral argument for God here lately in a two-part short series, where I introduced this version of the argument: AB1. We cannot know whether any action really is right or wrong unless right and wrong are real. AB2. We know that some actions really are right and others are wrong. AB3. […]

Evidence for God: Humanism vs. Moral Knowledge (Moral Knowledge Part 2)

Part of the extended series Evidence for the Faith I don’t know why anyone speaks of atheistic “humanism.” Atheism denies humanness. “‘Humanity is dead, and we are its murderers,’ says the Madman.” That’s a bold and controversial statement, I know, and I know that it’s up to me to explain why I would make it. It’s […]