Christianity and the Birth of Science

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Faith & Science Podcasts 2012 Myths abound concerning Christianity and the early development of science. You’ll find the truth to be quite a surprise. This talk, delivered at a Cru student conference in Albany last Thursday, is the third in a series I’m posting this […]

Christianity and the Nature of Science

Science and Christianity–are they at odds with each other? Is science the kingly road to knowledge, and is religion a matter of mere belief? Do they speak to each other, or do they occupy (as Gould said) non-overlapping magisteria? To the heart of the point: can a Christian really take her faith seriously in this […]

John Loftus’s God-Answer to Animal Suffering: A World Without Nature, Science, Human Freedom, or Moral Significance

John Loftus and Book the Christian Delusion

Book Review The Problem of Animal Suffering In a chapter of his own in his edited book The Christian Delusion, John Loftus says there is no possible justification for God to have allowed all the enormous suffering that animals in our world have experienced. It’s a question on which I have done no study at all, so I found […]

Booking: Seminars, Retreats, Training Sessions on Apologetics, Morality, and Christian Living

For churches, retreats, leadership training sessions, youth groups… Topics Christianity in Today’s Culture: Training and teaching for youth on contemporary challenges relating to morality, science, relativism, pluralism — and how the Christian faith is still the most reasonable, satisfying answer, the true answer. Critical Conversations: Your Guide to Discussing Homosexuality With Your Children, based on my Kregel […]

Atheism and Evidence: Self-Defense Against Belief?

I’m in a Facebook dialogue today (visible to friends) with an atheist, Spencer Hawkins, who says, The methods of science and history are not able to verify supernatural causation…. It is possible that these historical claims are all true, yet some other God exists, leaving the metaphysical claims of Christianity false…. the central problem that […]

Michael Shermer’s Inadvertent Argument for Christianity

A reader wrote and asked me if I had seen Michael Shermer’s Salon article, “Bill Maher is right about religion.” I hadn’t. The article is subtitled, “The Orwellian ridiculousness of Jesus, and the truth about moral progress.” I found it, well, ridiculous. Misguided Criticism of Normal Human Groups There’s too much wrong there to respond […]