Stay, Listen, and Understand; Or Leave and Be Left Wondering

In my last post I explored data revealing Jesus’ surprising penchant for leaving people wondering. I’ll continue today with another revealing chart from the same study of the Gospels: The abbreviations in the legend stand for the Pre- and Post-Transfiguration periods in Jesus’ ministry. These are followed by the Passion Week (including the Crucifixion), and the […]

Joining with The Stream!

I wrote here a few days ago that I had another major life event to share soon. This week is the week. I’m in training this week at Life Outreach International to come on board as Senior Editor and Ministry Coordinator with their major new ministry outreach, The Stream, specifically to focus on apologetics and […]

What it’s like recovering from a long-term injury

I’m looking back on a year of very low activity on this blog. I never thought I’d slow down this much. There are three primary reasons for it. I can share two of them, one today and another tomorrow or Tuesday. The first one has to do with what it’s like recovering from a long-term […]

Lessons From a Football Game

This is somewhat off topic, but not entirely. I have to brag about my college for winning an amazing football game last Saturday. There’s a lesson here, too, about character and coaches. Michigan State beat the University of Michigan in a game that dominated sports news all weekend. The fumble recovery and touchdown that won […]

“Making It All Up” — The Weekly Standard: Science is a Human Enterprise

Interesting article from Andrew Ferguson in The Weekly Standard: “Making It All Up:” “Behavioral science suffers from these afflictions only more so. Surveys have shown that published studies in social psychology are five times more likely to show positive results​—​to confirm the experimenters’ hypothesis​—​than studies in the real sciences. ” This has been swirling around the […]

Doesn’t this university’s decision send a message that LGBT persons are more emotionally fragile?

“Allowing an Anscombe Society event could cause suicides, a student claims.” An upcoming conference on heterosexual marriage is being denounced as hate speech by the Stanford Graduate Student Council (GSC), which is seeking to quash the event. Last week, the council at the top-ranked California university voted ten to two to deny funding for the […]

Where the Gospels Came From

Have you ever wondered where the gospels came from? Here’s your answer, compiled from Bart Ehrman (for the telephone game) and too many atheist Internet sources to list. (Yes, this is satire.) Back in the Bronze Age the world was naive. People knew nothing of the sciences of reproduction, decay, entropy, metabolism, genetics–and therefore they […]