For A Man Who Claims To Value Evidence…

For a man who claims to value evidence and to disdain evidence-free belief, there’s a whole lot of rank evidence-free conclusion-drawing in James Lindsay’s post about my ebook today. That doesn’t just apply to Lindsay, though: Peter Boghossian thinks his post is “the best single demolition of (the Christian) faith” he’s ever read. Let me […]

Your Faith At the End of Next Year

Which of these do you want to be true of your faith at the end of next year: Seeking God for all he’s worth? Seeking an unreal substitute? Frustration and anger? Or leaving the faith altogether? Which do you want to be true for your family or your church? The choices each Christian makes in […]

Seven Reasons To Give Old Testament Ethics the Benefit of the Doubt

Why do Christians give Old Testament ethics the benefit of the doubt? That question came up before Christmas, as a result of discussions here on slavery in the Old Testament. There is no denying that the slavery codes in the Pentateuch seem wrong, even barbaric, to 21st century readers (most readers, that is: slavery is […]

He Came As One of Us!

Merry Christmas to you! I’ve pre-published these Christmas thoughts to share with you on the day of our celebrations was originally posted in February, 2012. Why did Jesus come in human flesh? ******* From the series, Ten Turning Points That Make All the Difference God came to earth as a human. There is much mystery […]

Reposted: The Incarnation, Once for All

Reposted from February 24, 2012. Merry Christmas to you! From the series, Ten Turning Points That Make All the Difference We Christians need to be realistic about the way our religion looks to others. Our message is that a wandering teller of tales and miracle worker who lived 2,000 years ago makes all the difference […]

Why Did Jesus Come?

It’s Christmas tomorrow, a great time to ask, Why did Jesus come? He Came to Free Us He Came for Righteousness He Came To Give His Life For Us He Came to Rescue Us He Came For Truth He Came For Life! There’s one