Atheist/Skeptic Stories Still Coming

A couple weeks ago I invited atheists and skeptics to share their stories here, in hopes that it would help us see one another as human beings, and treat each other that way. Ray Ingles took the opportunity first, and I just left a comment there wondering how it went from his perspective. A couple […]

Frank Pastore Is With The Lord

Frank Pastore, KKLA radio host of “The Intersection of Faith and Reason,” has passed away. In his last radio broadcast he discussed (mp3 clip, 1 minute 13 seconds) what it would mean if he died in an accident. Three hours later he was struck on the highway, and after four weeks in a coma he […]

Happy 100th Birthday, Piltdown Man!

One hundred years ago today the most infamous science fraud of all time was presented to the world: Piltdown Man, a “missing link” skull that turned out to a creative composite, a human skull attached to an orangutan jawbone. Some researchers were immediately suspicious, yet still it took until 1953 until the scientific community reached […]

“Buyer Beware: Finding Truth in the Marketplace of Ideas”

Book Review I’ve had several conversations lately about the strange situation of worldview and apologetics in today’s world. We live in a golden age of apologetics: every hard question for the faith now has a strong, credible, rational answer. I’m not saying that every question has an answer that forces assent; it’s still possible to […]