2011 Highlights

The Thinking Christian blog ends the year ranked at number 20 among religion blogs on the Internet, and number 73 among all blogs in the “Living” category, according to the premier ranking service Technorati. Those rankings bounce around a lot, based on who has linked here recently. Without your encouragement as readers, I never would […]

Comment Spam Poetry

Today in the comment spam quarantine I found this treat: I’ve discovered an exceptional will become even quicker as opposed to I did so your regular way. Maybe this is the kind of thing only a writer could love, but try reading it aloud. It has a rhythm to it. For best effect you need […]

It Must Be Christmas: I Agree With Jerry Coyne!

I’ve been quite critical of University of Chicago biologist Jerry Coyne on more than one occasion, so I was quite surprised to find myself nodding in agreement with him today on a religion-related topic. He opened up this blog post saying, There’s a pretty dreadful piece by Tim Padgett in the latest online Time Magazine (I’m […]

A Christmas Reflection: Incarnation, Mission, and Worldview

Here’s a completely different kind of Christmas reflection for you: my BreakPoint column, Incarnation, Mission, and Worldview. It begins, It was about a dozen years ago that our church’s pastor came back from a pastors’ conference and told us our denomination was growing rapidly everywhere in the world except North America. We were shrinking here, […]

Coyne Was Right After All: Science Has Vanquished Christianity

I ended last night’s post by asking whether Jerry Coyne might have been right when he wrote, Many religious claims about the “truth” have already been disproven by science. There was a second part to that claim (that religion has never disproved science) which I invite you to continue responding to on that other thread. […]