Wishes or Prayers

An atheist who goes by the nom de blog “ylooshi” raised this question about my pre-Christmas post on Wishing and Celebrating: Then it occurred to be, even before I left the paragraph above, that if you replace “wish” for “prayer,” you really haven’t changed the criticism…. The author both criticizes ineffectual wishing the world was […]

Year-End Partnership Opportunity

Update January 1, 2009: Is it too late to participate in this partnership? Certainly not! Glory! We hear that word more at Christmas than any other time of year. All year long, though, if someone asks me what motivates me to do what I do, I answer, “that the earth may be filled with the […]

Wishing and Celebrating

The Starbucks coffee cup reads, We invite you to listen to your desires and to renew your hope. To see the world not as it is, but as it could be. Go ahead. Wish. It’s what makes the holidays the holidays. Wishing, it says, is “what makes the holidays the holidays.” Try not to see […]

Chocolate and Caring, Brussels Sprouts and Murder

Much of the discussion about ethics revolves around an analogy to matters of personal preference. doctor(logic) recently said, Morality bears all the hallmarks of something subjective, like taste in food or taste in art. And also, My argument is that, unlike the objective sciences, morality has no more basis for objectivity than the things we […]

Christ Before Christmas

We’re in the season of expectancy, preparing to celebrate the birth of Christ. There was a season of expectancy before his actual birth 2,000 years ago–expectancy both on earth, where prophecies of a coming Messiah were passionately studied and only partly understood, and also in heaven, where the eternal God was preparing to break in […]

The Dangerous Concept of Right and Wrong

We cannot explain our moral experiences as purely subjective phenomena. Our moral experience includes the gut-level awareness that some things are really right and some are really wrong. Only a metaphysical commitment to belief in an amoral reality could quell that awareness. If there are pure moral relativists who do not regard anything as really […]