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Who Holds the High Ground?

Who holds the high ground? Christianity has been accused of being anti-woman, theocratic, repressive, intolerant, anti-intellectual, anti-science, anti-gay, and that’s just the beginning. If that were really what Christianity was like, I certainly wouldn’t to be a Christian. It’s not as if there’s no truth at all in these charges — we’ve got plenty to ask forgiveness for. And to correct ourselves on. Still it is my conviction that the way of Jesus Christ has been the best thing that has happened to humanity.

These articles discuss both sides of the matter, though I have to admit, the main thing you’ll see in here is what I think life and history show to be true about Christ’s way: it really is good.

The following are the most recent articles from “The High Ground.” For a list of core articles from this category see here.

Offense, Offense, Anger, and Offense

Alex McFarland phoned me today to talk about a few details for Truth for a New Generation, the major apologetics conference coming up this weekend in Charlotte. (I hope you can come!) Alex is the organizer for this conference, as he has been for many...

We're Not All Like That, Dan Savage

Our old friend Dan Savage is at it again, this time with a website saying "Christians are not all like that." (You can search for it yourself; I don't really care to link to it.) Not all like what? Here's how he put it in his introductory vid...

Truth for a New Generation: No Ordinary Conference!

There are conferences and there are truly significant events. Truth for a Generation is not your ordinary apologetics conference. I could say that because of the speaker lineup:Josh McDowell Eric Metaxas Lee Strobel Mark Mittelberg Sean Mc...

Morality and Human Nature: Why Atheists Get It Right and Wrong (Part 2)

Atheists who believe it's good to maximize human well-being cannot support that position with evidences or with reason, but only with prejudice and sentiment. In today's post, the continuation of a topic I started two days ago on morality and human n...

Morality and Human Nature: Why Atheists Get It Right and Wrong (Part 1)

I thought you might be interested in these quotes concerning morality: The first principle of morality is that "one ought always to choose ... in a way that is compatible with a will towards integral human fulfillment.... Our integral good includes ...

The Fourth — or First — Reason for Religious Freedom

When I wrote recently on three reasons religious freedom matters, I kept it generic, with no particular religion in mind. There is a fourth reason for religious freedom, however, which is really the first one: Christianity is both true and good. God,...

Three Reasons Freedom of Religion Matters

Freedom of religion matters. It is unique from other freedoms. It wasn't chosen ad hoc for inclusion in the Bill of Rights. Freedom of religion is not freedom-of-something-or-other.I needed to say that when I saw urbanus's comment today, in respo...

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