Are You Rationally Competent To Assess Your Rational Competence?

Observation: The one who is incompetent at rational argument will never be persuaded of his incompetence by rational argument; nor will he be persuaded rationally of his position’s irrationality. Update: corrections made at comments 2 and 3. Corollary 1: If I am rationally incompetent I may irrationally persist in thinking that I am competent. (See also […]

Morality and Human Nature: Why Atheists Get It Right and Wrong (Part 2)

Atheists who believe it’s good to maximize human well-being cannot support that position with evidences or with reason, but only with prejudice and sentiment. In today’s post, the continuation of a topic I started two days ago on morality and human nature, I will try to explain and defend my reasons for saying so. I’ll […]

Morality and Human Nature: Why Atheists Get It Right and Wrong (Part 1)

I thought you might be interested in these quotes concerning morality: The first principle of morality is that “one ought always to choose … in a way that is compatible with a will towards integral human fulfillment…. Our integral good includes not only our bodily well-being but also our intellectual, moral, and spiritual well-being …. […]

Getting the Moral Argument Wrong — Again

Atheists are forever getting the moral argument wrong. A.C. Grayling, in The God Argument, says, The argument that there can be no morality unless policed by a deity is refuted by the existence of good atheists. Arguably, non-theists count themselves among the most careful moral thinkers, because in the absence of an externally imposed morality […]