The Rise of the Nones and the Collapse of the Middle

Published at BreakPoint this week, The Rise of the Nones and the Collapse of the Middle, including, On first glance it might appear that Christianity is in decline. The truth is rather more complex–in some ways encouraging and in other ways ominous, for what the numbers signify is a widening polarization of American society due […]

Michael Shermer’s Inadvertent Argument for Christianity

A reader wrote and asked me if I had seen Michael Shermer’s Salon article, “Bill Maher is right about religion.” I hadn’t. The article is subtitled, “The Orwellian ridiculousness of Jesus, and the truth about moral progress.” I found it, well, ridiculous. Misguided Criticism of Normal Human Groups There’s too much wrong there to respond […]

Stand Firm!

Anthony Esolen speaks with astonishing accuracy and breathtaking power in the current Touchstone. (Did you notice I’ve begun advertising Touchstone here? Esolen is one reason you should read it.) After a short history lesson on the Arian controversy, he goes on to say, In our day, the issue is not Christology. We’re not so sophisticated […]