How To Talk With Your Pre-teens About LGBT Issues


A reader at The Stream sent a question about how to teach her very young children about transgender-related issues. I wrote her this answer, which I think might be helpful to other parents of young children too. (I’ve adapted my answer slightly for use here.) Hi, S____, Thank you for the question! Kudos to you for thinking […]

Why I’m Urging You — Please! — Spread the Word About Critical Conversations

Why Critical Conversations? I’m asking you to share this post on Facebook, and I’m asking you to buy this book for your pastor and youth pastor. It matters more than you know. Read what one pastor wrote about it: I was a Student Pastor for 10 years and have been a Senior Pastor for the last […]

Same-Sex Marriage In 2016: One More Reason the Question Still Matters

Pundits are marking 2015 as the year the same-sex marriage question was settled in the United States. They’re wrong. There’s still plenty to be done about same-sex marriage in 2016. Defenders of marriage see the question still at issue for marriage, family, and religious freedom. They’re wrong too, if they think those are the big three. Yes, […]

David P. Gushee: The Scholar Who Should Have Been Hard To Ignore

It’s hard to ignore when a top evangelical ethicist urges believers to change our minds about homosexual relationships. David P. Gushee, who co-wrote the widely used textbook Kingdom Ethics: Following Jesus in Contemporary Context (IVP Academic, 2003), has just released Changing Our Mind: A call from America’s leading evangelical ethics scholar for full acceptance of […]

Religious Freedom and SSM: Pastors Being Forced To Wed Same-Sex Couples

Fresh on the heels of outrageous government encroachment into religious liberty on Sunday mornings in Houston, now we’re hearing of pastors being forced under threat of fines and imprisonment to violate their religious beliefs by performing weddings for gays: Two ordained ministers have filed a federal lawsuit and are seeking a restraining order to prevent […]

Counterfeit Marital Love in Same-Sex and Straight Relationships

Recently Bill L. has asked me to explain how my position on same-sex “marriage” squares with certain sociological facts about divorce. It seems he was thinking divorce was my major concern, whereas the fact is, divorce is only symptomatic of what I’m concerned about. At any rate, he asked me whether my position implied that certain groups who […]

Review: Matthew Vines’s “God and the Gay Christian”

This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Bible and Homosexuality Matthew Vines’s God and the Gay Christian: The Biblical Case in Support of Same-Sex Relationships purports to be an in-depth explanation of biblical support for homosexual relationships. It’s provoked considerable discussion. I’ve read almost none of that discussion, so for better or for […]