Christians Are Called to be Great

While I learn my new position as senior editor with The Stream, I’ll  be re-posting older, “evergreen” blog posts that were written on an older blogging system and aren’t directly accessible from this one. This one was originally published in 2005. It’s a long study, admittedly. It’s also been extremely influential in my own thinking and in […]

Don’t Pray for Patience

There’s a common saying among Christians: “Don’t pray for God to teach you patience–you won’t like what he’ll put you through to learn it!” I don’t think much of that saying. It makes God look like a nasty schoolmaster, for one thing. It’s also the wrong reason. That is, I agree with the advice, “Don’t […]

Yup, God Does It Again (Practiced Faith)

There’s faith, and then there’s practiced faith. Practiced faith can make all the difference in a changing world. That’s the topic of my most recent BreakPoint column: Yup, God Does It Again. Check out my other BreakPoint articles while you’re there, too!

Voice Your View: What Is Faith?

Voice your opinion: What is faith? A one-minute online questionnaire! ***** What is Faith? Following last Saturday’s McGrew/Boghossian debate, radio host Justin Breierley ran a Facebook poll asking Christians and non-Christians their views on faith. In cooperation with others who have had an interest in Boghossian, I’ve developed an improved version for many, many people […]