P.S. Concerning Daniel Fincke


Daniel Fincke congratulates himself and other atheists for being humble and for eschewing stereotypes. I think it’s worth noting what he thinks of Christians in contrast:

hypocritical, preachy, authoritarian, having a persecution complex, believing without evidence, manipulative, denying the validity of reason, nasty, lazy, using copouts, addressing only the weakest objections, exploiting emotional weaknesses, arrogant, dogmatic, triumphalist, mocking, “riddled with rational contradictions, anti-scientific supernaturalism, and historical fabrications,” living by an “arbitrary, culturally and psychologically engrained double standard,” “downright awful,” obnoxious, demanding, using “any emotional reason whatsoever” [Hah!! see chapter five in True Reason], following “the worst possible bad guy,” opposed to the “spirit of science,” stopping our curiosity with “God did it,” hurting the cause of science, … 

All that comes from one blog post, the one I featured this morning from a different angle. That’s our humble professor speaking. I’m glad he’s not bigoted, aren’t you?