Technical Problem Traced, Reinstating Capabilities

Someone has been trying to force their way into this blog’s web server. Today I discovered that a very large proportion of server CPU (up to 80%) was being used to run a process intended only for use by the web host. That’s probably the reason the blog has been going down from time to time. With help from a Google search I’ve closed that door.

I hope that means the downtime that’s been plaguing this blog is over. I’ll keep an eye on the processes to make that’s true.

In the meantime I’ve re-enabled some capabilities here, including user editing of comments.


  1. SteveK

    FYI – the blog isn’t playing nice with Chrome. Pages get hung up and never resolve themselves. Must not be all pages, because I can get this one to load fine. I can’t get this one to load though.

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  3. Izak

    I’d be very interested in what process it is that you found using all that cpu. I’m a Linux sysadmin… 🙂

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  5. Izak

    Aaah, there used to be a vulnerability in php’s xmlrpc implementation. Probably crackers attempting to exploit this hole. They often do so even if you’re site isn’t vulnerable, wasting precious resources by trying. I have similar problems on some of the sites we host for people: Bots register user accounts, then they set the user’s portrait (a feature of this CMS) to an image advertising something, and then they use other means to spam people with a link to that image. Databases grow from a couple of megabyte to 25GB or more in the space of days while this is going on…

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