The Disappearing Blogger Act

If you think I’ve disappeared, here’s the real story. Over the last week and a half I’ve been working on final edits for the new Kregel revised edition of True Reason. There was a regular flurry of emails going back and forth from Kregel to me to the authors and back again. It’s going to the typesetter today. Publication is expected around the 1st of December: the date listed on Kregel’s web page needs updating.

While that was going on I missed a deadline at BreakPoint, but that piece just got published.

I’ve been doing final research and writing my talk for Truth for a New Generation: did I mention you should come?!

And I helped my son buy his first car, and got a lot of letters in the mail, and … well, enough of that.

Anyway, I’ll be writing some quick stuff later today, and resuming the real thing by tomorrow, I hope.


  1. Billy Squibs

    Good stuff, Tom. I was going to pick up a copy of the book (I assume it’s available in digital format) but perhaps I’ll wait a bit.

  2. Tom Gilson

    Wow, I was more tired than I thought. Took half of today off, as in, nap one, nap two, nap three…

    Hope to be doing better tomorrow. And back on the blog.

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