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Come Join Me and Thousands of Others: Truth for a New Generation

Posted on Sep 18, 2013 by Tom Gilson

Truth For a New Generation!

Who else is going to be there? These speakers, for sure. Come join us!

Eric Metaxas
Sean McDowell
Josh McDowell
Lee Strobel
Mark Mittelberg
Mike Licona
Dan Kimball
Tony Perkins
Lauren Green
John Stonestreet
Robert Sirico
Warren Smith
Tom Gilson
Elmer Towns
Erwin Lutzer
Carmen Fowler LaBerge
Arlene Bridges Samuels
Bill Foster
Timothy George
Larry McDonald
Tony Beam
Brian Saxon
Jennifer Marshall
Eric Teetsel
Jonathan Crumly
Alexia Newman
Doug Powell
Jason Benham
Bradlee Dean
Life Answers Team (NGU)
Lisa Van Riper
David Benham
Bill Perry
Jason Jimenez
Juan Valdes


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