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More on Mary Midgley

Posted on Mar 19, 2009 by Tom Gilson

I was going to blog more on Mary Migley’s The Ethical Primate this evening, but apparently I left the book at the office, which makes it difficult, so I’ll take this as an opportunity for an interlude of sorts, to link to some background information. I can’t believe my education was so spotty as to have missed her. This 2001 Guardian article tells her story nicely, including her differences with Dawkins and others in his camp. Now that I know to look for it, examples of this conflict are easy to find on the web. (There are some especially entertaining links here.) “She has become the foremost scourge of scientific pretension in this country” (Britain), says The Guardian; undoubtedly for her heretical opinion that human experience counts as a source of knowledge about being human, and her unwillingness to look through just one “window” to learn about life and nature.

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