Dog Stained Glass Clocks

Dog Stained Glass Clocks

Dog Stained Glass Clocks

Our family was gathered in the kitchen/dining area of our home, doing some general cleanup. The others became quite concerned when they heard me cry out, “This is just awful!” I was looking at this ad, which came with this month’s Reader’s Digest: “Dog Stained Glass Clocks.” Once I showed them what I was looking at, we all had a good laugh together.

Somebody at the Danbury Mint needs a better copy editor.

It reminds me of another instance of the same kind of error, which we saw on a sign in front of a motel in Daytona Beach. (We’ve wondered just what this establishment’s hiring policies are.)

Clean Spacious

Maid Wanted

Moral of the story: it always pays to re-read your work.

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6 thoughts on “Dog Stained Glass Clocks

  1. More on the “moral of the story:” I re-read this a day or two later and realized it was far too dry. It wasn’t even clear that I thought the thing was funny. So I added some story to the background. That’s one of the great things about the web, of course: it’s never too late to edit.

  2. Still more on this topic: I just got this email from a co-worker:

    There is homemade poppy seed lemon bread on the Risk Table. Help yourself!

    It’s probably not as dangerous as it sounds. The office she works in includes our Risk Management department.

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