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For Students: Stay Strong in the Faith! New Content on Mondays

New content almost every Monday, especially for high school upperclassmen (that’s American parlance; apologies to other regions of the world) and for college and university students: to help you understand and speak the truth in Jesus Christ — or simply to give fair respect to the questions you’re likely to have about it. Please use the combox below to let me know what you’re thinking or wondering about.

Weekly posting is temporarily on hold while I settle in to a new position with a new mission agency.

Summer Listening

Monday Student Focus I've been talking about summer reading in this space; how about summer listening instead? I heard a podcast today with Dr. Mike Adams, a criminology professor at UNCW, on his book Letters To a Young Progressive: How T...

Summer Reading: To Grow and Thrive

Monday Student Focus So school is over for the summer now, unless you live or study where it continues into mid-June. Last time in this space I gave a recommendation for summer reading . Maybe the idea of summer reading is interesting to you, maybe ...

Taking a Break From Weekly Posts

This is a week for a lot of other writing, and I won't be posting the usual Monday, Tuesday, and Friday focus posts for students, pastors, and teachers.

Summer Reading for Students

Monday Student Focus Is your school out yet? Some keep going until mid-June; most that I know of start their summer break right around now. I want to recommend a great book for your summer reading. I've already reviewed it, so I'll keep this short...

Monday Student Question: Why Pray?

Tony asked a while back, why pray? There was more to his question, of course. Here's the meat of it. He sees and knows all, including what is in our hearts. Given this fact that “you can’t fool God”, I wonder why Christians fin...

How Do You Tell a Good Answer From a Bad One?

Monday Student Focus I've been posting here about the importance of questions, and I got a great one from Tony that I'll be addressing soon. Before I go there, though, I sense a need to say something about answers: how do you tell a good answer...

Questions About Christianity, and What Does It All Have To Do With Me?

Last time in this student-focus series I wrote about respecting the questions: that it's healthy for students (and all of us) to have questions about Christianity, and that we ought to be free to ask them and pursue answers. I think the central qu...

As the intent is to be supportive for students who are in the faith or wondering/seeking/inquiring about it, discussion here is reserved for those who are students or who can help support that inquiry.

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