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For Pastors and Teachers: New Content (Nearly) Every Tuesday

New content nearly every Tuesday for pastors, teachers, and other leaders looking for support in fulfilling their responsibility to build their people in discipleship of the mind, including confidence in the faith and the ability to articulate and live according to a biblical worldview.

Please use the comment box below to let me know what’s on your mind concerning these things. I’ll be glad to open it up for discussion.

Weekly posting is temporarily on hold while I settle in to a new position with a new mission agency.

Run to the Battle — With Wisdom

Tuesday Pastor Focus Some people want to live within the sound of chapel bells But I want to run a mission a yard from the gate of hell And with everyone you meet, take them the gospel and share it well Look around you as you hesitate, another so...

Motivate Men to Contend for the Faith

It's not easy to get men fully engaged in church. Maybe it's because we've made it too easy. I want to encourage you, as a pastor or teacher, to motivate your men to contend for the faith.How Do You Motivate Men? How do you do that? Here's some ...

Apologists in Church

Tuesday Pastor/Teacher FocusI made a new friend over lunch today, the missions pastor at the church my brother attends, about half an hour from our home. Among other things we talked about the up and down sides of dealing with apologists in chur...

Taking a Break From Weekly Posts

This is a week for a lot of other writing, and I won't be posting the usual Monday, Tuesday, and Friday focus posts for students, pastors, and teachers.

Five Reasons Churches Need More Unanswered Questions

This has the potential to get pastors fired for following Jesus' example. It will confuse anyone who sees me as a Christian apologist, and apologetics as being in the business of giving answers. The fact is I believe we need more unanswered questions...

The Worldview Clash in the Marriage Debate

Continuing my series on Biblical and Secular Reasons for Man-Woman Marriage, I want to put it in context of the underlying worldview clash in the marriage debate. It is a background issue, rarely brought to the surface, hardly ever discussed, yet wit...

Why We Must Teach On Marriage In the Church

Tuesday Pastor-Teacher FocusBefore I get to far into this series, I need to explain why I think we need to teach on marriage in the church, in light of the same-sex "marriage" controversy. I don't want you to think it's primarily a political thin...

3 Responses to “ For Pastors and Teachers: New Content (Nearly) Every Tuesday ”

  1. Carlos says:

    Hi I think this is a great idea about posting content for Pastor and Leaders. May I sugest that pastor will be able to post and sugest blogs as well? Anyway I sending our blog wich is updated once a week called “Dear Church family”. Please le me know your thoughts.

  2. I am a church pastor here in the Philippines and I am really interested to get read more profound thoughts from you. God bless…

  3. Daniel Thompson says:

    FYI : Just to clarify the word/idea of “faith”; faith is a synonym for “trust” in religious usage. What I mean is that one has ‘faith’ or ‘trust’ in that which one knows FACTS ABOUT (I.e. ‘ I trust that bridge to use it because I know it was just constructed, and made of quality material’).
    To understand religeons use of “faith”, one need only replace the example of the bridge and its use of ‘trust’ with ‘faith’. One has “faith” in something based on the facts that form its foundation – or, shortly, “I believe in John because I KNOW him to be always honest. Faith is grounded in fact. There are many other uses of the word, but the historic use of Faith in a religious context always ment to men of faith like Luther or Calvin or Augustine that belief was grounded in Truth.
    In this sense, religeon and science have much in common. Truths regarding religeon form the foundation for faith or trust or belief.

    Daniel Thompson


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