My latest BreakPoint column: Raising Kids Who Can Stump the Dad. It’s a biblical view on raising kids who can think.

Why Young People Leave the Faith

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Leaving Home, Leaving the Faith Last time in this series we talked about one great way to help our children remain connected to life in Christ as they leave home: give them a multi-generational experience of that life as they’re growing up. Now for some […]

The Great Commission and Your Children

One of my daughter’s best friends is an Olympic hopeful gymnast. I went to one of her meets earlier this year, and sat with her parents for part of it. After her balance beam performance I asked her dad what it was like watching his daughter on that apparatus. He said something like, “I can’t […]

The Teaching Parent: Who, Me?

I just wrote about parents’ responsibilities to teach our children the truths of the faith, including the reasons we believe. That’s a challenge, for sure. But I don’t think we can deny how eternally important it is for our children. I’d like to open up this thread for discussion on how we can learn how […]

Let the Questions Roll!

Children love to ask questions. Teenagers' questions can be disturbing: “Is this church thing for real?” “Why do I have to obey your rules?” “I'm not sure I believe in God anymore.” Even more disturbing might be the questions they keep to themselves. Jesus encouraged questions. They were a major part of his ministry. They're […]

They’re Bullying Our Beliefs

My daughter was bullied all through grade school and even into her high school years. One of those incidents required significant medical attention. Her Christian faith was one reason she was made a target. Christianity itself is often a target of bullying in the form of ridicule. Dan Savage did it in his speech to […]

Marriage Is … ? (For family discussion)

Here’s a discussion you can have around the dinner table, if your kids are old enough: What is marriage? Our culture is getting it wrong more often than not. You might ask it this way, as I have done on this blog recently: Why does marriage exist in the eyes of the law? What is […]