Seeing Through Academic Blindness

David DeGrazia is a professor of philosophy at George Washington University. He has just published a fairly complex research paper into the ethics of “medical bioenhancement,” meaning the use of high technology, including selective abortion, to improve the ethics of the human race. He relies on academic literature with which I am not much familiar–though […]

King’s Domain Missions Training for Students

If you’re looking for a great introductory missions training center for high school and college students, King’s Domain in southwest Ohio is your place. There’s intense ministry and intense training for ministry. It’s a great entry-level or second-level missions opportunity. Please contact me for more information. Print Friendly

Keeping Our Purposes Straight

The post to which I’ve attached this article gets into some rather strange philosophy. I think it counts as a strong argument for Christianity. But I want to emphasize here something that I have written in the comments there. Someone had said how great it would be if God would spell out “Happy New Year!” […]

Jesus’ Amazing No-Explanation Lesson

Jesus' message in John 6:26-70 broke all the rules: His major points were difficult and confusing He didn't explain them His closing questions left matters even more unexplained He didn't preach that way every time, but early in his ministry as John records it, this was typical of Jesus' approach. When might that be appropriate […]