Lord, Liar, Lunatic Trilemma: How the Accounts Prove the “Legend” Answer Fails, Too

I could use your help with a presentation I’m preparing. Read on to find out how. C. S. Lewis popularized what’s come to be known as the Lord, Liar, Lunatic trilemma: it’s impossible to look at the accounts of Jesus and think he was a great moral teacher but not God. The famous passage in Mere […]

Reader Survey Results

I’ve just closed the 2016-2017 reader survey that I’d been running for a few weeks. You might be interested in the results, and you’re welcome to add more in the comments. I’ve been through a creative dry spell, partly because of the busyness of the holidays. It’s improving, and I’ve been successfully writing original work […]

“A land needs its mighty men”

When was the last time you heard anyone say our land needs mighty men? The Tyndale Commentary on Psalm 112:2 says, The prosperity promised in the present verses may be largely material, but a closer look reveals the moral and spiritual terms which make it an instrument of good. A land needs its mighty men, […]

You Can Help Set This Blog’s Direction for 2017 and Beyond: Take the Thinking Christian Reader Survey!

New reader, long-time reader, Christian reader, atheist reader, or anything in between — this blog is for you! So I’d like to know more about how to provide the mmntent you’re interested in reading. Thank you for letting me know your opinions by filling out this brief ten-item questionnaire — plus four quick opportunity-related questions —  divided into […]

Christianity Is No Crutch — And I Should Know

“Christianity is just a crutch for people who don’t have the strength to make it on their own.” Maybe you’ve heard that said. Maybe you’ve even said it yourself. Here’s my short answer: No. Christianity is nothing like a crutch. Not even close. Knowing Crutches I think I can safely say I know something about crutches. I was […]