Talk It Up! Major New Study on Homosexuality


Major New Study Released Yesterday a new scientific study was published at The New Atlantis questioning much of today’s homosexual transgender narrative. There’s no evidence that LGBT people are “born that way,” and there’s good evidence that young people with same-sex attractions end up in strong heterosexual relationships as adults. That’s a start. I’m still […]

Gender Identity Discrimination Regulations: The Saddest Joke on the Planet


(For a thoroughly parent-friendly guide to explaining this issue to teens and preteens, see “Challenge 28″ at It’s disturbing. It’s ridiculous. It’s mad. It’s hilarious. I don’t know whether to argue, laugh, or cry. All three, I think. From The Hill via The Stream (hey, that was fun to write!): The Department of Housing and Urban […]

Transgendered Persons and Homicides: Co-opting Statistics To Peddle a Message


Doing background research related to yesterday’s blog post on bullying, I ran across this CBS News headline from last November: “Homicides of transgender women in U.S. reach alarming high.” The total at that point in 2015: 22 trans-women. How alarming is that? It depends on what kind of story you want to tell. You could tell […]

Responding to Charges of Hatred: If It’s Stereotyping, Say So


Are they attacking you or stereotyping you? It’s important to keep sight of the difference. Last week Kevin M. Orth entered a comment — I won’t call it a book review, since it wasn’t about the book — in the review section for my book Critical Conversations: A Christian Parents’ Guide to Discussing Homosexuality With Teens. He wrote, The […]

The One Main Reason “Christians Hate Gays” Even Though We Don’t


Across the Worldview Divide There’s an awful lot of bafflement these days over why, supposedly, Christians hate gays, that is. It goes both ways. Christians are bewildered over the charge that we’re haters, and gays and gay-affirming people have trouble understanding how it isn’t obvious that we are. The problem isn’t just what’s communicated. It […]

Thanks, Feedspot! And Thank You, Too, Readers!


I saw this Feedspot Top 100 Christian blogs page this evening, and decided to scroll down to see whether Thinking Christian was on the list. I was pretty surprised to discover where it had landed. It’s just one editorial team’s opinion — but they know their way around blogging. Thanks, readers. I’d never be here without you! And […]