Please consider taking part in a research project

I received this email a short while ago: I am a Masters student of applied psychology in my final year of a two-year MSc course here in Dublin Business School (DBS). I am conducting an investigation into levels of self-esteem, religiosity, and scrupulosity with regard to specific rituals individuals may routinely conduct surrounding these traits. […]

Thoughtless Scoffing Masquerading As a Question

Ah, the joy of sticking your nose into other people’s conversations! On my Critical Conversations book web page I set up a Q&A page. It’s a book for Christian parents. The Q&A was for them, too, or for people with legitimate interest in the contents of the book. And Q&A is different from debate, right? […]

Dover, Ohio Visitors

More visitors have visited this blog from Dover, Ohio, in the last 90 days than any other city in the Western Hemisphere. Greetings, neighbors! I live on the other side of Columbus from you, a little ways northeast of Cincinnati. That high number could be a local internet quirk there: maybe just a few people […]

Stark Raving Barking Bonkers (A Correction and Apology)

Yesterday in comments Jeanette said my beliefs were “stark raving barking bonkers.” I’m here today to admit that that’s a good description of how I responded to her in comments over the past two days. I was committing the classic, contemptible apologist’s error of taking down her logic all day long — including personal aspersions […]

Some Statistics

I found a plug-in yesterday to add up some numbers for me. In just under 9 years of blogging on the WordPress platform, you and I have done the following: 2,156 posts 58,074 comments 1,083,744 words of posts 9,862,914 words of comments (and counting!) 10,946,658 words of posts plus comments (not counting this one) That’s an […]