Call for Prayer: Strategy Meetings This Week


Jesus Christ warned his followers that a day would come when people would stand against His name and think they’re doing a good thing. That day has come and gone many times and in many place since then. It’s never been prominent in American history — until now. I’m in the Los Angeles area, meeting […]

Cincinnati-Tristate-Dayton-Ohio Apologetic Interest Group


Do you live in or near the Cincinnati, Dayton, Tristate, or even Columbus area? Do you love apologetics? Would you like to connect more with other people who do? I’m gathering names for an Apologetics interest group for our part of Ohio plus nearby Kentucky and Indiana. The group’s purposes will be: Fellowship and encouragement […]


One Sunday morning a few weeks ago, while on an out-of-state trip, I almost walked out of church. I wish I had just stood up. I don’t want to explain what was wrong about the sermon, since that’s beside the point here today. Suffice it to say that it was quite wrong, I felt uncomfortable sitting […]

Why These Bathroom Wars? (Intro)


This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Why These Bathroom Wars? I keep trying to figure out the bathroom wars. Sometimes I think I’m getting closer to understanding, other times it looks utterly baffling. The gay marriage movement made sense to me: not gay marriage itself, but the rise and success of […]