Why Jesus’ Acceptance of All People Doesn’t Mean What This Lesbian Pastor Thinks It Means

Jesus Mosaic

Rev. Cynthia Meyer, a United Methodist pastor who recently came out as lesbian — and is under church discipline for it — explained part of her pro-LGBT reasoning thus: My understanding of Christian teaching centers on the Gospels, and what we know about the teachings and actions of Jesus. I don’t think Jesus was really looking […]

InterVarsity Makes a Sound Decision Despite Disagreement


InterVarsity Christian Fellowship has updated its statement of beliefs regarding gay marriage and sexuality, according to Time, making plain its adherence to historic Christian and biblical beliefs and practices. The news is a couple weeks old but I still want to say kudos to IV. I’ve been in a position to influence a similar kind […]

The Stream’s “#100forLife — One Hundred Hours of Remembering the Millions Denied Their First Baby’s Breath”


Starting at 9 a.m. EDT today, marking this weekend’s 100-year anniversary of the founding of Planned Parenthood, America’s leading abortion provider, my colleagues and I at The Stream are unleashing #100ForLife, a 100-hour flood of articles and stories that focus on the blessings of life and the tragedy of Planned Parenthood. We’re also launching a […]

New Strategic Initiative: The Thinking Christian Connection


The first local Thinking Christian Connection meeting will be this weekend. The above photo comes from a strategy session I co-led in California last month with Stand to Reason and Sean McDowell. God Keeps Answering “Yes!” On February 17, 2009, I entered the following brief question in my prayer journal: “Apologetics Strategy Initiative: That God would guide […]

Call for Prayer: Strategy Meetings This Week


Jesus Christ warned his followers that a day would come when people would stand against His name and think they’re doing a good thing. That day has come and gone many times and in many place since then. It’s never been prominent in American history — until now. I’m in the Los Angeles area, meeting […]

Cincinnati-Tristate-Dayton-Ohio Apologetic Interest Group


Do you live in or near the Cincinnati, Dayton, Tristate, or even Columbus area? Do you love apologetics? Would you like to connect more with other people who do? I’m gathering names for an Apologetics interest group for our part of Ohio plus nearby Kentucky and Indiana. The group’s purposes will be: Fellowship and encouragement […]