Stark Raving Barking Bonkers (A Correction and Apology)

Yesterday in comments Jeanette said my beliefs were “stark raving barking bonkers.” I’m here today to admit that that’s a good description of how I responded to her in comments over the past two days. I was committing the classic, contemptible apologist’s error of taking down her logic all day long — including personal aspersions […]

Some Statistics

I found a plug-in yesterday to add up some numbers for me. In just under 9 years of blogging on the WordPress platform, you and I have done the following: 2,156 posts 58,074 comments 1,083,744 words of posts 9,862,914 words of comments (and counting!) 10,946,658 words of posts plus comments (not counting this one) That’s an […]

Critical and Personal Conversations

I really enjoyed this conversation this morning, and I so appreciated Christine Sneeringer’s personal stories of starting out as a lesbian and turning around to follow Jesus Christ — because some Christians loved her as she was. We were on the air together with PeggySue Wells of WBCL radio, Fort Worth, Indiana.

May Ministry Update

These last two months have been the days of Critical Conversations: social media, radio interviews, traveling and speaking. I had a particularly good time with Immanuel Ministry Church in Kentucky last weekend. There’s one story I wish I could share with you but it strikes close to one family’s heart there, and I did not even think it […]

Some Belated Comments On Lawrence Krauss’s Enforced Ignorance in the New Yorker


So here I am, finally getting around to responding to Lawrence Krauss’s New Yorker article last September, “All Scientists Should Be Militant Atheists.” Someone posted a reference to it on Facebook that reminded me of it again. He thinks he’s correcting “enforced ignorance.” We shall see. I’m compelled to respond to several things: The Kim […]

Talk: Where Today’s Moral Confusion Came From and What We Can Do About It

Immanuel Ministry Church I rolled into town a bit early last Friday, heading into a weekend of ministry with Immanuel Ministry Church in Horse Cave, Kentucky. I’d been invited there by Pastor Phillip Trent, shortly after he heard me speak on the radio about my book Critical Conversations. He said he was seeing gay activism and moral confusion as […]

How To Talk With Your Pre-teens About LGBT Issues


A reader at The Stream sent a question about how to teach her very young children about transgender-related issues. I wrote her this answer, which I think might be helpful to other parents of young children too. (I’ve adapted my answer slightly for use here.) Hi, S____, Thank you for the question! Kudos to you for thinking […]