The One Main Reason “Christians Hate Gays” Even Though We Don’t


Across the Worldview Divide There’s an awful lot of bafflement these days over why, supposedly, Christians hate gays, that is. It goes both ways. Christians are bewildered over the charge that we’re haters, and gays and gay-affirming people have trouble understanding how it isn’t obvious that we are. The problem isn’t just what’s communicated. It […]

Thanks, Feedspot! And Thank You, Too, Readers!


I saw this Feedspot Top 100 Christian blogs page this evening, and decided to scroll down to see whether Thinking Christian was on the list. I was pretty surprised to discover where it had landed. It’s just one editorial team’s opinion — but they know their way around blogging. Thanks, readers. I’d never be here without you! And […]

“Help Me, Mom and Dad — Is It True What They Say About Christians Hating Gays?”


“Help me, Mom and Dad! Is It True What They Say About Christians Hating Gays?” That is approximately the working title I used while writing the book published as Critical Conversations: A Christian Parents’ Guide to Discussing Homosexuality With Teens.  (Originally it was the overly-strong and potentially misleading, Hey, Mom and Dad — Is It True […]

25 Truths Essential To Restoring Our Freedoms


Happy Independence Day! Today, more than any Independence Day in my lifetime, is a day for thinking about what it will take for us to restore our freedoms in America. Freedom for some is being able to do what one wants. Better thinkers — including America’s Founders — have seen it rather as the freedom to do what […]

25 Lies Dominating Western Culture Today


25 Lies Dominating Western Culture Today … and seeking to rule over your own view of reality. Not one of these is true. Even Christians are falling for some of them, though — especially the last three. Humans are unexceptional among the animals. Human nature is malleable according to human will. Innocent, defenseless human life is dispensable without moral […]