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Celebrating One Year With Ratio Christi!

Posted on Jul 16, 2014

I’m celebrating one year as National Field Director with Ratio Christi today! I’m asking you to help me celebrate by coming alongside in support of this urgently needed ministry.

I can’t tell you how privileged I feel to be working alongside our staff: some of the most faith-filled, knowledgeable, and evangelistically-motivated people in the world. They’re taking the word of Truth to where it’s least welcome and most urgently needed, the university campus.

You must have some sense of how urgently this movement is …

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College History Without Wars: Truth, Salvation, or None of the Above?

Posted on Aug 27, 2014

My daughter called home yesterday from college, during the first session of a course on World History Since 1500. “I’m dropping this course,” she said. “The teacher said she’s not going to cover any wars. She thinks it’s more important to study the ways people have saved other people than to talk about people killing people.”

Granted, I heard the story at third-hand. Maybe the teacher just meant she wasn’t going to cover war in great detail. I have to wonder, though, how she understands …

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Ten Reasons the Bible Has It Right on Slavery

Posted on Aug 24, 2014

I read Keith’s comment #172 this morning with deep grief in my heart. He wondered whether there was something unique about Christianity that would cause it to be more liberating than other worldviews (especially Jainism). My grief is this: we Christians have not explained and demonstrated the most basic realities of our faith. If we had, Keith would never have had to ask.

Slavery is many things. It’s a form of relationship between human beings. It’s an economic system, a way that work gets …

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Technical Problem With Comments?

Posted on Aug 24, 2014

Someone emailed me to ask,

Is there some technical issue that needs sorting on your end or mine? I’m only able to read about two thirds of the comments and then the rest of the section is blacked out. Hope you reply soon because I really look forward to reading the rest of them – especially yours.

Is anyone else having this issue? If so, would you please comment (if possible) or contact me with a description of what you’re seeing, and what browser …

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Why does the Bible get the blame?

Posted on Aug 23, 2014

We’ve ben talking about whether the Bible endorses slavery, and ScottInOh wrote last night,

Like Melissa, I feel like I’ve made my point: no one writing on this thread would consider American slavery… morally justified, but … prominent Christian voices endorsed [it], believing God’s Word gave them the basis for doing so.

That’s all I’ve got. If that means you win the debate, so be it. Thanks.

Why does the Bible get the blame?

I’ve taken the freedom of focusing on just …

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Genocide in Iraq

Posted on Aug 22, 2014

My friend Eric Chabot gathered this information. Click links with caution.

Remember, this famous quote: — ‘Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.’–Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Unless you’ve been living on a desert island the last few weeks, you probably know that our brothers and sisters in Christ are getting butchered in Iraq. Hence, there is a mass genocide going on, the attempt to wipe …

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Wake Up! Wake Up!

Posted on Aug 21, 2014

Wake up! Wake up to this! Wake up to that! Can anyone realistically wake up to everything? No. To try would be to exhaust yourself right back to sleep. What then shall we do with all that’s going on in the world? As I’ve written in this month’s BreakPoint column, that’s the Crisis of the Caring Conscience.

While I’m mentioning articles, I’d like to direct your attention to an interesting one from a blogger who says he doesn’t know much at all. I …

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Science and Reason Yes, Science-and-Reason No

Posted on Aug 21, 2014

Science and reason belong together, right?

Yes. Obviously so, in fact. Science and reason are both means for determining truth. Science depends on reason: every valid scientific conclusion is also a valid logical conclusion, the endpoint of a rationally conceived and rationally conducted process, and usually also a midpoint in a much larger rational process. So yes, obviously they go together.

There’s a problem with that relationship, though. In some circles, reason is spoken of almost as if it depends on science. More specifically …

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Twice Disappointed

Posted on Aug 18, 2014

Book Reviews

The Divine Conspiracy Continued: Fulfilling God’s Kingdom on Earth by Dallas Willard and Gary Black, Jr.

Moral Apologetics for Contemporary Christians: Pushing Back Against Cultural and Religious Critics by Mark Coppenger.

These books have but one thing in common: I had high hopes for them but I was disappointed, and I have better books to suggest instead.

The Divine Conspiracy Continued

I was sent a review copy of The Divine Conspiracy Continued, but I probably would have bought it otherwise on …

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Peter Boghossian: “An Important Film”

Posted on Aug 13, 2014

The man who called this vignette “an important film” is a state university instructor in philosophy, claims critical thinking as one of his top educational priorities (if not the top one), and yet supports this film, in spite of the multiple straw-men, poisonings of the well, and other fallacies contained in it.

Does Boghossian’s assessment reveal more about the film or about himself?

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