John Loftus’s God-Answer to Animal Suffering: A World Without Nature, Science, Human Freedom, or Moral Significance

John Loftus and Book the Christian Delusion

Book Review The Problem of Animal Suffering In a chapter of his own in his edited book The Christian Delusion, John Loftus says there is no possible justification for God to have allowed all the enormous suffering that animals in our world have experienced. It’s a question on which I have done no study at all, so I found […]

So You Want An Unbiased Opinion On Christianity? You’re Piling On More Bias Than You Think!

John Loftus and Book the Christian Delusion

Book Review: The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails. Part Two Bias To the Max Jason Long survey’s persuasion theory in chapter 3 of John Loftus’s The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails. Similar critiques apply to what I wrote about the rest of the book’s part one. But there’s one thing in particular that bears analysis. It’s the […]

One Easy Way You Can Help Advance Local Church Apologetics


It’s Giving Tuesday today, and today I’m inviting you to help propel a strategic new ministry forward. National Ministry Context Shortly before Thanksgiving I was in San Antonio for meetings, one of which was the for the apologetics leadership group whose founding I led three years ago. These semi-annual gatherings include a specially invited handful of […]

There’s No Balancing This Moral Equation: Human Well-Being Doesn’t Explain Human Morality


BillB left some thoughtful comments about morality and well-being on my recent post, “Naturalistic Atheism Is An Extraordinarily Strange and Unlikely Worldview.” I started to answer him there, but it turned into a long blog post’s worth of material. Since I started out addressing it in the second person to BillB, I’m posting it here in that form, […]