How Your Relationship With Your Teen Can Grow — and You Can Get Answers, Too — Through Critical Conversations

My Kregel book Critical Conversations comes out on February 27 — February 22 for Kindle!* Why? Why a book like this now? Here’s why. Too many Christian kids are shying away from their faith, for a lack of answers to questions related to homosexuality, and On this issue, which threatens to divide the generations, these “critical conversations” can […]

Being Good “For Nothing” — Does That Make Atheist Ethics Better Than Christian?

Get the picture? Here’s the challenge: Atheistic morality is allegedly better than Christianity because Christians are looking for a reward for our goodness, while atheists are good “for nothing.” (Again, I am not saying “good for nothing.”) There are three parts to that statement: Christian goodness is motivated by a hoped-for reward. Atheists’ goodness is goodness for […]

A Very Strange and Sad Day for Life and Religion in Law …

It’s a strange and sad day for life and religion in U.S. law. These posts from The Stream tell it all: Grand Jury Ignores Planned Parenthood Selling Aborted Babies, Indicts Man Behind Sting Videos Instead On which also: Petition Defending Pro-Life Activists Behind Planned Parenthood Videos Goes Viral Planned Parenthood Indictments: Rubio ‘Disturbed,’ Huckabee Calls […]

Six Things Atheism Can Teach Us All About Ethics

What can atheism teach us about ethics? A lot. The question probably surprises some atheists. My answer may surprise some Christians. First, atheists often tell us there is no such belief system as “atheism;” it’s just the lack of belief in God. Whether that’s true or not I do not need to argue right now. […]

Have You Fallen for the Great Modern Copernican Myth?

“Study the history of science.” That was the advice Guillermo Gonzalez gave my son and daughter a few years ago, as we were wrapping up breakfast time together. He had graciously opened up time for our family when we were in Grove City, PA, touring the college where he was teaching at the time. Dr. […]

When “Tolerance” Is Disrespect: Islam and Unexplored Assurances of a “Religion of Peace”

It must be frustrating to be a Muslim in America. I’m not talking about the obvious frustrations: being in the minority, being members of a faith tradition that’s associated with terrorism, or even being generally misunderstood. I’m talking about the frustration of being analyzed and interpreted by people who won’t take the time to understand. […]

The Stream: Why?

I’ve recently joined The Stream as Senior Editor and Ministry Coordinator with special focus on apologetics and inspiration. Why The Stream? James Robison, who founded it along with Jay Richards, says here, “There’s something lacking in our nation, and it’s understanding. It’s wisdom…. It comes from our Creator, nature’s God, divine Providence. … It’s freedom’s […]